This Configurator is not a formally binding WORD quote; it is for cost budgeting purposes only.  Completing this configurator will give you a general idea of cost and allows WORD to contact you with a more informed understanding of your needs.  More specific information will be required to provide you with a formal quote.  Not all options can be combined. Some drifters and feed lengths are limited to larger excavators.

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Please choose the type of carrier you want to use. Price does not include the carrier unless it is a WORD portable wagon drill
Weight Class

Select your excavator size (in tons). If you do not have enough hydraulic flow available for the selected drifter, auillary hydraulic equipment may be rquired than what is priced on this configurator

The drifters below are available as standard options. The ideal hole size and excavator size (shown as [T+]) are shown with each drifter, but there are other factors involved (like available hydraulic flow, etc). Please contact WORD for specific configurations.
Feed Travel

Choose the feed travel. The feed travel is the actual depth drilled on a single pass. The standard mounting configuration is on the end of the stick (replacing the bucket). Boom mount options are available as well by contacting WORD directly. 20' Feed travel is available on options like KD204, but please contact WORD for custom feed length pricing.

Centering the bit and drill steel can be accomplished with manual centralizer doors ideal for single-pass drilling, or with a Hydraulic Clamping system that automates much of the steel-changing process.

Axis 1 allows the feed to be positioned for side-to-side or toward/away from the cab, but not both. With the addition of Axis 2, the operator has significantly more control over the angle of the hole. Note that the Heavy Duty Axes are required for some options.

From the cab, the operator can control all the major functions of the drill with either the joystick or the remote control. For added flexibility, use the remote control option to operate the drill from anywhere within a 75 foot radius.

Complete all fields please

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update the real time estimate

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